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Voodoo Paradox V1 EIII

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  • Voodoo Paradox V1 EIII

Hitting – 3.5/5

Good, crisp feel when hitting the ball with the Paradox. Not a huge amount of power from this one but the feel when you hit the ball is the trade-off here. However with correct technique you can still boom the ball at goal or down field. Reverse hitting was ok – the Paradox has rather round edges meaning the reverse hitting surface area seems smaller than usual and requires a little more technique for it to come off rather than a swing and hope.

Dribbling – 4.5/5

The Voodoo Paradox has a great, soft feel to it. Well balanced and weighted, it allows for nice quick movements when dribbling the ball. The ball stuck to the end of the stick really well and hardly bounced off when trapping. The shape of the stick also helps with dribbling, nice and round at the bottom hand position allowing for quick rotations in the hand.


Flicking & Pushing – 3/5

The V1 model Paradox is the straightest model in the range allowing for consistent, flat pushes across the turf. The soft feel of the stick and ability to feel the ball on the end of it should give players the confidence to keep their head up and not have to worry about checking the position of the ball before releasing the push. Because the V1 shape is straighter it made flicking somewhat harder. Short distance flicking wasn’t an issue but if you want to achieve greater distances it’s probably worth trying either the V2 or V3 models.

Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 2.5/5

Not a strong point for this stick. The 23mm bow in the centre of the stick just isn’t designed for drag flicking. 3D skills can be done but again there is the element of difficulty because of the straightness of the stick. The bonus with the Paradox is that there is 3 different shapes available. If drag flicking and 3D skills is what you want to achieve then I would suggest the Paradox V3 equipped with a maximum 24mm late bow making all of the above a lot easier.

Overall – 3.5/5

The Voodoo Paradox is a great feeling stick. Well balanced and crisp to hit with. The control and feel were definite highlights for this one – nice and soft but still generates a decent amount of power when hitting the ball. The black and white finish is simple and looks sharp. The big bonus is the availability of different shapes within the same model giving the Paradox the ability to cater for all different playing styles.


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