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​ Osaka Pro Tour Limited Bronze

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Hitting – 4.5/5

Coming in at whopping 98% carbon the Pro Tour Limited is a super stiff stick & a force to be reckoned with. This stick absolutely smokes the ball, the power is unreal. All while maintaining a great, soft feel with very minimal vibration. The reverse edge is just square enough that you make a solid connection almost every time. Both forehand and reverse hitting was bliss with this stick.


Dribbling – 4/5

Pleasantly surprised by the soft feel and level of control from the Osaka. Being so stiff I expected the feel to lack but this wasn’t the case. Nice, smooth feel when moving the ball left to right and the ability to feel the ball on the end of the stick when carrying was also fantastic. Ever so slightly more difficult to trap with because of the stiffness but softening the grip of ones bottom hand can counter for this. The light weight feel combine with a great balance makes dribbling at higher speeds easier also.


Flicking & Pushing – 4.5/5

The Pro Tour LTD Bronze is equipped with Osaka’s very own showbow shape combining their Pro Bow and Low Bow shapes together to create the first of its kind. This shape makes for fantastic flicking from either a stationary position or if you are on the move. The shape allows the player to keep the ball under the eyes and push the ball from inside the frame of the body with ease but with the tendency to lift the ball because of the later bow.


Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 4/5

The showbow shape from Osaka gives players the ability to perform decent drag flicks without compromising other aspects of your game. Good power and accuracy is able to be generated with this stick when flicking at goal and the balanced feel means you can solely focus on flicking and not have to think about what’s in your hands. The thinner head makes getting under the ball for 3D skills simple and effortless and enables these skills to be performed at greater speeds and with more consistency.


Overall – 4.5/5

Beautiful stick both in the looks and playing departments, sleek design and looks fantastic as well as performs at the highest level. The Osaka Pro Tour Ltd Bronze is one of the nicest sticks I’ve played with. Great power, great feel & just an all-round great stick. The Pro Tour LTD series also has a Silver and a Gold model both in slightly different shapes so if the Bronze doesn’t quite sound like the right shape for you then it may be worth looking at one of the other two as no doubt they’ll be amazing too.


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