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Mazon Black Magic V7 (24mm L-Bow)

Mazon Black Magic V7 (24mm L-Bow) slider 1 Mazon Black Magic V7 (24mm L-Bow) slider 2 Mazon Black Magic V7 (24mm L-Bow) slider 3

Hitting – 4.5/5 

This stick feels like the whole thing is a sweet spot. The power that this stick generates when hitting is through the roof. This stick is very well balanced and light weight which makes hitting the ball that much nicer and smoother feeling. There is next to no vibration and a great soft feel when you connect with ball. The lower bow profile means players will generally need to lower their body position slightly for reverse hitting in order to get a good connection but when struck well on reverse this stick absolutely pings!

Dribbling – 4.5/5

The soft feel when hitting is replicated when dribbling and moving with the ball. You know where the ball is at all times because there is such a great amount of feel in this stick. The lower bow makes moving the ball left to right and vice versa easier and quicker as you’re able to get around the ball that touch faster. Generally speaking, sticks with such a high carbon content don’t have this kind of feel and touch on the ball but Mazon have seemed to combine great power and great feel into one stick.


Pushing & Flicking – 4.5/5

The Black Magic V7 L-Bow is a specialist when it comes to these skills. The later bow makes getting under the ball for flicking that much easier and helps the player to achieve greater distance and power than its M-Bow and S-Bow counterparts. I found that overheads were a lot easier from both stationary positions as well as when on the move. Pushing was again fantastic purely because of the feel you get with this stick.


Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 4.5/5

Mazon produce a Black Magic Slingshot model that is more designed for drag flicking but the V7 L-Bow can still allow players to easily put one in the roof. The bow position allows for greater power to be generated when going through the motions of drag flicking. Combine that bow with the maxi head shape and this stick is a force to reckoned with when it comes to 3D skills and jinking the ball.


Overall – 4.5/5

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a stick I don’t know much about and enjoyed using it as much as I did with the Black Magic V7. Great feel and control combined with a huge amount of power and a bow shape that’s very suitable for the modern game. I think most people would pick this stick up and say the same things. The sticks look really nice too and aren’t over the top graphically like some others are these days.


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