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Mazon Fusion Elite 360 (21mm M-Bow)

Mazon Fusion Elite 360 (21mm M-Bow) slider 1 Mazon Fusion Elite 360 (21mm M-Bow) slider 2 Mazon Fusion Elite 360 (21mm M-Bow) slider 3

Hitting – 4.5/5

This stick was amazing for hitting both forehand and reverse. Nice soft feel when connecting with the ball but still a whole lot of power. The 21mm bow shape helps keep the ball flat and along the ground for the most part. The reverse edge is reinforced with Mazon’s THZ technology helping to reduce breakages along the edge of the stick. The composition is made up of 95% carbon which gives this stick a huge amount of power on forehand hits. Mazon’s very own RVS+ technology places certain composites in key positions of the stick to help reduce vibration when hitting.

Dribbling – 4.5/5

The Black Magic 360 has a great amount of feel and control for a stick that is so high in carbon. You can really feel the ball on the end of the stick allowing for greater control at a higher pace. When playing with this stick I was less worried about looking at the ball and could focus on keeping my head up as I could feel where the ball was almost the entire time. Mazon use what they call a TCZ – Traction Control Zone – on the entire Black Magic range. This surface on the hook of the stick helps to reduce spin of the ball and maintain traction for trapping.


Pushing & Flicking – 3.5/5

A 21mm M-bow is never going to make flicking the ball easy but with that said it can still be done. I found flicking the ball at goal was easy to do with a good amount of power. Long distance flicks and overheads were slightly more difficult as there wasn’t as much leverage as a low bow stick. Pushing was a breeze with this stick because of the shape and feel, the ball stayed on the deck and there was never a lack in power.


Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 3.5/5

Like I said above a 21mm bow isn’t going to make flicking easy, let alone drag flicking. It can be done but we all know that a low bow stick is going to serve a drag flicker far better than a mid-bow stick. You can generate a decent amount of power if you’re looking to flick nice and low but if you want to hit top bin you might want to go for the 24mm L-Bow model of this stick. 3D Skills on the other hand are fantastic. Lifting and jinking the ball was very easy and the 360 spin zone on the end of the hook made certain skills like spins and lifting the ball from the toe of the stick a lot easier.


Overall – 4/5

The Black Magic 360 is a great stick. Designed for high level players it definitely performs at that level. This stick would suit almost anyone but is I would say is aimed at players who want to eliminate opposition with skill rather than speed. The fact the stick comes in two bow shapes is a big highlight for me also.




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