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Gryphon Taboo Striker T-Bone

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Hitting - 4/5

Gryphons are notorious for their power and this stick didn't disappoint. The Striker range is 80% carbon, which is surprising given how hard this stick hits the ball. I did seem to lift the ball a little more than usual but I put that down to the bow. Great feel through the stick when the ball was hit and had no trouble with reverse hitting either. Good start.

Dribbling - 4/5

Responsive, great feel and a good first touch - there's not much more you could want. This stick had and extended maxi head shape (the biggest on the market) which gives the player optimal surface area between the face of the stick and the ball. This made controlling the ball very easy whether running with the ball on the deck or moving it in the air.

Pushing & Flicking - 3.5/5

The T-Bone shape has a 23.8mm bow and starts at 225mm – Gryphon calls this a hybrid shape combining both mid-bow and low-bow shapes and I fully agree. You can push the ball with the Taboo Striker T-Bone and it’s like you’re playing with a mid-bow stick. Then you go to overhead the ball and it plays just like a low-bow. The width of the head also made getting under the ball easier allowing players to get flicks away quicker.

Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 3.5/5

Again the width of the head allows players to lift the ball off the turf easier making 3D skills a delight with this stick. That combined with the extended maxi head means skills such as moving the ball in the air and jinking over obstacles are able to be executed with greater ease. The bow on this stick isn’t exactly designed for drag flicking but still allows for players who have good technique and know what they’re doing to do so.

Overall – 4/5

Loved it. This would have to be my favourite to date. Nice crisp hit with fantastic power and great feel on the ball. The ease at which you can perform 3D skills with this stick blew my mind, the extended maxi head shape is a new favourite. This stick would be great for anyone looking to move into their first top level stick, great control and feel but with enough carbon to really pack a punch.



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