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Alien Hockey AX5

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Alien AX5

Hitting – 3/5

Coming in with 90% carbon this stick is super stiff and can hit the ball super hard. However the feel is rock hard when you connect with the ball and occasionally vibrates in the hands. The late bow shape meant the ball would lift off the turf more than usual. Reverse hitting with this absolutely boomed when hit correctly but the shape meant adjusting the body position to get lower to the ground to make a good connection.


Dribbling – 2.5/5

The stiffness of the AX5 meant that the feel wasn’t all there. It was rather hard feeling when moving the ball for left to rights and the feel when carrying the ball was minimal. The shape allows players to get around the ball easily so that was a bonus when dribbling with this stick. I also found the balance point was slightly too low resulting in the stick feeling very head heavy. Probably better suited to a tap and go player who likes to use speed to eliminate players.


Flicking & Pushing – 4/5

This is where the Alien stick stood out. Flicking was almost effortless because of the shape of this stick. Alien certainly pushed the limits with this one giving it a 24.75mm bow – the absolute maximum allowed. This gives players the ability to throw massive bombs down field or rocket a penalty stroke into the top corner with ease. Pushing was okay and players can generate a good amount of power behind the ball but like any bowed stick it was harder to keep the ball on the deck.


Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 4/5

Again the Alien AX5 was a stand out for drag flicking and 3D skills – the shape allowed for maximum power to be achieved when flicking the ball at goal and was still accurate because of the groove in the shaft. This stick was designed for specialist flickers that’s for sure. Combine that with the slim head design and 3D skills were able to be performed with ease and at a decent pace. Whether you want to lift the ball over a defenders stick or over a couple of defenders the AX5 allows players to do both.


Overall – 3.5/5

Designed with players who specialise in flicking in mind the Alien AX5 is the ultimate stick for that. Unfortunately not quite there for dribbling but can certainly hit the ball hard. If you’re the type of player that relies on speed more than skill to beat players then this would be more suited for you. Not sold on the looks, just a little too much going on for my liking.



Alien AX5 Specs:

Exo Tech 24.9mm Ultimate Low Bow Profile

90% M.D.C.S. Carbon

7% Zylon

3% Kevlar

Length 36.5


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