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Alien AX1

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Hitting – 3.5/5 

The Alien AX1 is very similar to the AX5 I’ve previously played with. The super stiff composition allows for greater hitting power to be generated. The feel when hitting the ball is a let-down as it feels quite hard through the hands when making the connection. However when you switch over to the reverse side it’s a different story – the feel is there and it absolutely booms the ball.

Dribbling – 3/5

I found that dribbling was neither here nor there with this stick. The lack of feel can be put down to the composition of 90% carbon, 7% Zylon and 3% Kevlar. The lower bow shape did help with the speed I could dribble at but not having as much control and feel on the ball kind of evened things out again as you can’t really feel the ball on the end of the stick when carrying.


Flicking & Pushing – 4/5

The AX1 comes in Aliens most drastic bow shape – X4 Hyperbow 24.75mm Extreme Low Bow. I’m not sure you could have a more self-explanatory name! This would have to be the most bowed stick I’ve seen or played with since they put a limit on the size. Flicking was almost too easy and I found that at times I would lift the ball even if I didn’t mean to. This was often the case when pushing the ball but can be easily countered by a change in release position.

Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 4/5

This is what this stick was made for. The extreme low bow shape makes drag flicking that much easier than with a standard low bow stick. Even with little practice and minimal technique I think most players would be able to grasp the concept of drag flicking with this stick. The fact that 3D skills were also relatively easy to perform with the AX5 comes down to the bow shape as well – players are able to get under the ball and lift it a lot easier than with a standard bow stick.


Overall – 3.5/5

Even more so than the AX5, the AX1 is designed for players looking to up their game when it comes to drag flicking and overheads. The power is definitely there when it comes to hitting the ball but unfortunately the stick is let down by the lack of feel for me. As I’ve said before this is to be expected with high carbon sticks. The composition of the AX1 is more suited to a high level senior player who is going to have the skill to better control the ball with such a stiff stick. Not the biggest fan of the design but certainly have seen worse looking sticks. Very interested to see Aliens next range of sticks.


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